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We carry a line of moth proofing products by Reefer Ghaller and several spot stain cleaners.  For spot stain cleaners we carry two types of Everblum cleaner as well as Tech cleaner.

                          SLA aerosol spray $10.00                              case

No-Moth Nuggets Can $7.50

No-Moth Hangerettes   $3.00

Ever-Blum Aerosol Cleaner  $11.00

Ever-Blum Spot Lifter  $11.00

Tech Cleaner 8 oz.  $6.50

Tech Cleaner 2 oz.  $2.50




We carry two types of rug pads for under your rug.

DURAHOLD:  $1.85 per square foot.

We recommend Durahold because unlike all other pads, Durahold possesses a U.S. Patent for its texture – The top surface grabs and holds the rug to the pad and the lower surface grabs and holds to the floor. And, since it contains only 100% natural rubber, Durahold is completely safe for all floors. Durahold comes in a 6ft. and 12ft. roll and we will cut the pad to fit your rug exactly.

MAGIC STOP: $1.25 per square foot.

We recommend Magic Stop for small rugs on hardwood or for rugs on top of carpet. Placed between the rug and floor, it prevents wrinkling and crawling. A thin, slightly tacky pad which ‘adheres’ the rug to the carpet without damage to either. We carry Magic Stop in a 6 ft. wide roll and will cut the pad to fit your rug.



We carry a line of Jaquard woven pillows as well as in house handmade Oriental rug pillows.  If you don’t see something in stock to fit your needs,we can take

your old rug and turn it into pillowspillows.  Custom orders are always welcome.  We can create pillows in a

variety of shapes and sizes, from small decorative pillows to foam piano cushions to large floor pillows.










We carry a line of Oriental rug bookmarks, mouse pads, magnets, eyeglass cases, coin purses, and make-up bags.  They are very high quality and make great gifts. Come in to see the full selection.







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